Pedoman Tata Kelola Perusahaan

Good Corporate Governance (GCG) is a system and structure for managing a company with the aim of increasing shareholders' value and accommodating various stakeholders with companies such as creditors, suppliers, business associations, consumers, workers, government and the public.

To ensure that the implementation of GCG principles is implemented, the Company considers the need for a flexible GCG Code in order to keep in line with business growth. GCG Code is a reference in determining company policy. Therefore, the GCG Code not only aims to comply with the laws and regulations, but also must contribute significantly to the achievement of Company's performance. The implementation of GCG is guided by:

a. Regulation of the Minister of SOE Number PER-01 / MBU / 2011 dated 1 August 2011 on the Implementation of Good Corporate Governance in State-Owned Enterprises;
b. Decree of the Secretary of the Minister of SOE Number SK-16 / S.MBU / 2012 dated June 6, 2012 on the Indicators / Parameters of Assessment and Evaluation on the Implementation of Good Corporate Governance in State-Owned Enterprises.

To demonstrate an implementation commitment of GCG in the Company, the GCG Code will review annually its relevance , to see the sustainability of Company's current business environment.


1. Transparency
Transparency is an attitude of openness in implementing the decision-making process and disclosing material information relevant to Company.

Transparency is shown by Company with striving to pioneer the disclosure of financial and non-financial information to stakeholders and in its disclosure is not limited to compulsory information notwithstanding the applicable legislation and in accordance with GCG best practices.

2. Independence
Independence is a manifestation of professional management of Company without conflict of interest and influence / pressure from any party that is not in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and principles of good corporate governance.

Independence is a must so that all Company organs can perform well and be able to make the best decisions for Company and implemented by respecting the rights and obligations, duties and responsibilities and authority of each of Company Organ.

3. Accountability
Accountability is a clear function, authority, and accountability of all Company organs so that the management of Company is carried out effectively.
The Company believes that accountability relates to the existence of a system that controls relationships between individuals and / or organs in the Company and the relationship between Company and interested parties. Accountability by the Company is needed as one solution to solve the problems that arise as a logical consequence of differences in individual interests with the interests of the Company as well as with the interests of stakeholders.
Company implements accountability by encouraging all individuals and / or organs of Company to realize its rights and responsibilities, duties and responsibilities and authorities.

4. Resposibility
Responsibility is a form of compliance with the prevailing laws and regulations and the principles of good corporate governance and business ethics in the management of company.
Responsibility is realized by company by always trying to be a good corporate citizen (Good Corporate Citizen).

5. Fairness
Fairness includes justice and equality in fulfilling the rights of stakeholders in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
Company guarantees that every shareholder and stakeholder is reasonably treated, and may exercise his / her rights in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

1. The socialization and implementation of GCG Code shall be carried out continuously by the officers, performing GCG implementation function or designating a special team assigned to it.
2. Evaluation of GCG Code is implemented by a special officer or team that performs a supervisory function on GCG implementation in the Company.
3. Evaluation of GCG Code shall be conducted periodically to improve and / or improve  GCG Code if it is deemed to have elements that are not relevant to the business development of the Company and / or contrary to the prevailing laws and regulations in Indonesia.